[Xbox 360] GTA V Collector’s Edition DLC Pack

Free download GTA V Collector’s Edition DLC pack for Xbox 360 and get access to all the cool items like stunts planes, weapons, sports cars, bonus outfits, tattoos and a special aircraft “Atomic blimp” using which you can see the whole Los Santos from the sky. According to Rockstar, this DLC is only for those people who pre-ordered it but not any more. We are sharing this amazing DLC with all of you totally free.

Xbox 360 - GTA V Collectors Edition DLC Pack

We have already shared GTA V collectors Edition DLC for PS3 hereI am sure you must have missed the Collector’s Edition DLC but now you have got a chance to get your hands on this DLC and enjoy the extra stuff.

The following items are included in the GTA V Collector’s edition:

1. Stunt Planes Missions: Special aerial missions using stunt planes will be available through out Los Santos. You can complete these missions as side-missions.

2. Costumes, Tattoos & more: You will get special outfits and costumes for Trevor, Michael and Franklin. Several special tattoos will also be available at the tattoo parlour. You will also get special discounts on all the stores through out the Los Santos.

3. Extra Weapons: All the ammunition stores in the GTA V will have some special weapons available and around 4 free weapons. The stores will include free .50 pistol, hammer and shotgun.

4. Atomic blimp: Get a chance to pilot the special aircraft “Atomic blimp” which files above the clouds in the Los Santos. This is one of the special thing which is included in the collectors edition.

5. Special Ability boost: The special ability of all the 3 characters Michael  Trevor and Franklin will be boosted. The special ability bar will recover 25% faster.


How to use:

Install the DLC file to: Hdd1Content000000000000000545408A70000002.



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Special GTA V Save Game

Rockstar announced that all those who sign up for the Social Club it is running will get access to a number of exclusive items including Assault Sub Machine Gun, patrol the streets using the Annis Elegy RH8 sports car, and use new haircuts for Franklin, Michael, and Trevor.

Download this save game and it will unlock all the things mentioned above which can only be achieved after joining the social club.

Download now

Just change the profile id of this save game to your own profile id before using it.